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Spa Treatments and Packages

Pamper your pooches by adding any of our spa treatments onto their groom! All treatments have benefits to their health and well-being. Keeping them in pawfect condition!

Blueberry Facial


The blueberry facial has antibacterial properties which deeply cleans the face. It also helps reduce tear duct staining, as well as staining around the beard. The blueberry facial offers other benefits, it contains antioxidants and is full of vitamin A, D & E helping soothe dry skin.

Paw and Nose Balm


The paw and nose balm is made from oatmeal butter to moisturise and soothe. It also contains all natural oils and extracts making it lick safe! The balm prevents dry, cracked paw pads and noses.

Gel and Foam Teeth Treatment


Gel and Foam Teeth Treatment - The specialised gel goes onto the gum line targeting bacteria in the mouth around the teeth and gums where plaque can form. The minty fresh foam is used to help freshen the breath and neutralise odours within the mouth.

Deshed Shampoo


The deshed treatment is a specialised shampoo containing omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E which clears clogged pores. This helps to open up the hair follicle to remove as much shedding and dead coat as possible.

Spa Packages

Shed-LESS package.png

The SHED-LESS Package

Deluxe Package.png

The Deluxe Package

The Pawdicure Package

Pawdicure Package.png

The SO Soft Package

So soft package.png
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