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Did you know your puppy can have a puppy pamper from just 10 weeks old?

It is extremely important to get your puppy to the groomers from a young age to desensitise them to all aspects of the grooming process. The puppy pamper is a gentle introduction into the salon, making it a positive experience, preparing them for their adult grooms!

We recommend that your puppy has 2-3 puppy pampers before their first full groom to ensure they not only gain our trust, but to make sure they are familar with all the smells, sounds and grooming equipment.

As long as they are fully vaccinated they can start having puppy pampers from 10 weeks old. Puppy pampers are only available up to 6 months of age.

The pamper includes two washes in shampoo, conditioning treatment, soft blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear clean and trimmings between the eyes and around the feet if needed.

I am currently doing an offer for 50% OFF your first puppy pamper this ends on 28/02/23.

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