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It's pet dental care month!

Did you know it’s pet dental care month? 🦷

Teeth can quite often get forgotten about however it is extremely important that that they are regularly cleaned and maintained. Ignoring it can lead to plaque build-up and dental problems.

Why not book in for our emmi pet teeth cleaning service?

Emmi pet provides ultrasonic oral care. The tooth brush has a unique chip located within the head of the brush which works along are specialised toothpaste, emitting ultrasound. This creates millions of microscopic nano bubbles which help remove plaque build up and kill bacteria up to 12mm beneath the gum line. It is completely silent and vibration free. Creating a painless and stress free treatment for you dog.

The first consultation appointment is £30 this includes:

• An assessment of the teeth to determine how many sessions are needed

• Your dogs own tooth brush head that is stored safely within the salon

• 30 minute session

From this each session is £15 for 30 minutes of cleaning.

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