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Pounce and Paws Dog Grooming

Pounce and Paws Dog Grooming is based in Cliddesden, Basingstoke. We offer grooming services for all breeds and sizes.

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Our Services

Full Groom

From £43

Two washes in shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow-dry, brush out, nail trim, ear clean, full cut and coat styling.

Mini Groom

From £33

Two washes in shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow-dry, brush out, nail trim and an ear clean. Trimmings of the face, feet and tail, leaving the length on the body. This service is perfect to maintain the dogs coat in between full grooms.

Bath and Brush

From £27

Two washes in shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow-dry, brush out, nail trim and an ear clean.

Puppy Pamper

From £25

The puppy pamper service is an introduction into the grooming environment, slowly getting your puppy used to the bath, drying, and the trimming process. This includes two washes in shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow-dry, brush out, nail trim, ear clean, trimmings between the eyes and around the feet.


Prices vary, contact for more info

Two washes in shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow-dry, brush out, nail trim and an ear clean. Handstripping is the process of removing excess dead top coat by stripping in the direction of coat growth, leaving the coat shiny and healthy. This service isn't suitable for every dog so get in contact to discuss the best option for your dog.

Emmi Pet Teeth Cleaning

£30 per session

Emmi pet is an ultrasonic tooth brush which emits ultrasound creating nano bubbles with our specialised toothpaste. This helps kill bacteria beneath the gum line helping breakdown plaque and tartar build up over a period of regular appointments. Emmi pet is silent and vibration free, creating a painless treatment for your dog.

Please be aware, prices will vary based on breed, coat condition and behaviour.
For any further information or booking enquiries please get in touch.

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Spa Treatments

Pamper your pooches by adding any of our spa treatments onto their groom! All treatments have benefits to their health and well-being. Keeping them in pawfect condition!

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Blueberry Facial


The blueberry facial has antibacterial properties which deeply cleans the face. It also helps reduce tear duct staining, as well as staining around the beard. The blueberry facial offers other benefits, it contains antioxidants and is full of vitamin A, D & E helping soothe dry skin.

Paw and Nose Balm


The paw and nose balm is made from oatmeal butter to moisturise and soothe. It also contains all natural oils and extracts making it lick safe! The balm prevents dry, cracked paw pads and noses.

Gel and Foam Teeth Treatment


Gel and Foam Teeth Treatment - The specialised gel goes onto the gum line targeting bacteria in the mouth around the teeth and gums where plaque can form. The minty fresh foam is used to help freshen the breath and neutralise odours within the mouth.

Deshed Treatment


The deshed treatment is a specialised shampoo containing omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E which clears clogged pores. This helps to open up the hair follicle to remove as much shedding and dead coat as possible.

For any further information or booking enquiries please get in touch.

Spa Packages

Shed-LESS package.png

The Shed-LESS Package - For breeds such as labs, frenchies, golden retrievers, german shepard’s and much more! The deshed products contain coconut oil, aloe vera, and omega oils which not only help to remove built up dead undercoat but nourishes the coat too! The coconut and honey mud mask is massaged into the coat and left to sit for 10-15 minutes to do its magic. Then washed in our deep cleansing deshed shampoo, and finished off with a spritz, leaving the coat smooth and shiny!

Deluxe Package.png

The Deluxe Package - A luxury pamper session for all breeds. This includes: 

  • Blueberry facial - The facial contains antibacterial properties which deeply cleanses the face, helping to reduce tear duct staining, as well as staining around the beard. It is also full of antioxidants and vitamins A, D & E helping sooth dry skin. 

  • Primrose conditioning treatment - designed to make the coat soft, intensively moisturising the coat supporting healthy hair growth.

  • Paw and nose balm - Our oatmeal butter helps to moisturise and soothe dry, cracked paw pads and noses. The balm contains all natural oils and extracts making it lick safe! 

  • Hydrating body butter - The guava & mangostein body butter is a non-oily leave in conditioner that moisturises and adds vital nutrients which hydrates the skin, leaving the coat looking shiny and smooth!

  • Gel and foam teeth treatment - The gel goes onto the gum line targeting bacteria in the mouth around the teeth and gums where plaque can form. The minty fresh foam is used to help freshen the breathe and neutralised odours within the mouth. ​

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Pawdicure Package.png

The Pawdicure Package - Most dogs spend the majority of the day on their feet, walking on dirt and concrete, coming into contact with germs and bacteria daily. The paw fizz is a soothing paw soak that contains natural ingredients that gently removes dirt, helping to eliminate fungus, germs and bacteria. The grapeseed paw oil is massaged into the pads. The natural oil is enriched with antioxidants as well as vitamins A, B, B5, D and E replenishing the moisture, preventing dry and cracked pads. The pawdicure is then finished off with a nail file, grinding the sharp, scratchy edges, leaving the nails smooth.

So soft package.png

The SO soft Package - This package is perfect for all dogs, making their coat super soft! This package is especially good for older dogs and dogs with dry skin. The luxury milk bath contains real whole milk and buttermilk powder for condition and nourishment. The milk powder is dissolved into warm water and then massaged through the coat and left to sit for 5 minutes. Once washed, they are then pampered with our primrose conditioner designed to make the coat soft, intensively moisturising the coat supporting healthy hair growth. Once dried, they are finish off with our hydrating butter and primrose oil for healthy skin and coat.

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Nail Trim


Ear Clean


Paw Tidy


Face Tidy


Matting Fee


Late Fee


For any further information or booking enquiries please get in touch.

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Customer Reviews

Hannah says...

'Absolutely thrilled at how Megan not only groomed my beautiful boy, but made him feel at ease during the groom. Our usual groomer is on maternity leave and we had a REALLY bad experience with our ‘replacement groomer’ 4 years ago. I was apprehensive that it would be the same, but he was SOOOO happy come pick up time! Plus, he smells absolutely DEVINE! I love the salon as well, it was like walking into a spa resort! It’s such a beautiful space and really welcoming for the pups. I can’t thank you enough Megan! The whole experience was seamless from initial enquiry right up to collection after the groom. Look forward to seeing you in April!'

Jane says...

Megan was amazing from the moment Ozzy arrived . She took time to get to know him and was so kind and reassuring, Ozzy went off with her happily. First groom with Megan - second booked without hesitation. Ozzy looks so handsome - thankyou Megan for making it a good experience for both of us x

Kim says...

'Had a lovely experience this week with Dolly going for her first puppy pamper. Dolly was very anxious but had a great time even doing little zoomies after her bath and dry. She also enjoyed cuddles with Megan and is booked to go again. Megan was extremely friendly and handled Dolly beautifully. I highly recommend their services especially the puppy pamper package.'

Jo says...

'Bruno had a fabulous experience and groom with Megan; normally quite vocal with new people, he was immediately at ease and making friends and has come home looking super smart and smelling beautiful! Thank you, we’ll be back!'

Amanda says...

'Buddy was a happy doggo having his first groom today with Megan, we’ve already booked in for the next one. He was well looked after and now looks and smells fresh. Thank you Megan'

Lucy says...

'We took our cocker spaniels Rosie and Jenny to see Megan on Friday morning at barking Barnet's and I'm pleased to say we are utterly so pleased with how the girls now look after there groom! Rosie and Jenny both went into the salon full of massive knots and clumps in there fur that we thought was stuck in there hair but Megan did an amazing job of removing every single one of the knots from each dog and they are now silky smooth and looking as beautiful as ever! highly recommend and so happy we've booked in again!'

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About Me

Hello! My name is Megan. Since I was little, I have always had a big love for all animals large and small! I have an 11 year old West Highland White Terrier called Archie, who is my absolute world. I went to College where I studied Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management. I then went onto complete my Level 2 Dog Grooming Assistance course which started off my career in a dog grooming salon in Andover, this allowed me to progress to a dog grooming stylist! I have now set up my own business, Pounce and Paws Dog Grooming working from Barking Barnets. I look forward to welcoming all your lovely pooches!

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'The Forge' Cliddesden, England, RG25 2JL


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Terms and Conditions

Please be aware, leaving your dog with me will constitute your understanding and agreement to Pounce and Paws Dog Grooming terms and conditions.


You MUST inform us with 48hrs notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you do not turn up to your appointment or you cancel with less than 48hrs to your appointment time you will be charged 50% of the groom.

Late Fee

It is extremely important you turn up on time to your appointment as we have a tight day to day schedule, and require the whole appointment time to go ahead with the groom. If you are running late to your appointment, please contact us and let us know. If you are more than 15 minutes late we may not be able to go ahead with the appointment and you will be charged 50% of the groom. We will always inform you a pickup time for your dog. If your are more than 10 minutes late to the pickup time we will charge an additional £5 per every 10 minutes. As much as we love your dogs, we do not have the space or the time to board them.

Matted Dogs

The Animal Welfare act 2006, states "all animals are to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease." Pounce and Paws Dog Grooming will NOT de-matt via brushing as it is painful for the dog and goes against animal welfare. The only way we can remove matting is by clipping the coat short. Due to the matting being so close to the skin, it can result in irritation, redness, and bruising. Pounce and Paws Dog Grooming are NOT responsible for ANY injuries sustained due to the condition of your pets coat. Matted dogs take longer to groom. A £10 matting fee will be charge on top of the grooming charge.


Please make sure your dog doesn't have any fleas before they come in for their appointment. We do NOT accept dogs with fleas into the salon. If you turn up to your appointment and your dog has fleas, you will turned away and be charged 50% off the groom plus an additional £10 fee due to having to thoroughly disinfect the salon.

Aggressive / Difficult Dogs

You MUST inform us if your dog bites, is aggressive to people or other dogs, or doesn't like certain grooming procedures. During the grooming or before, we have the right to refuse or stop services for your dog. Extremely difficult or aggressive dogs require more time and will have an additional £5 - £10 fee on top of the grooming charge.

Pregnant Dogs / Dogs in Season

We do NOT groom pregnant dogs under any circumstances. If your dog has just come into season, unfortunately we won't be able to go ahead with groom due to the potential risk of infection.

Purchase of Dog / Cat Tags

In the unlikely event that the product arrives faulty, a replacement can be given within 14 days from receiving the product. The products are strong and made with good quality materials, however this does not mean they are indestructible. These tags are not meant for chewing as they could eventually break becoming a choking hazard just as a metal tag would be. If the tag is damaged immediately remove from the collar. Pounce and Paws Dog Grooming are NOT responsible for the harm or misuse of this product. It is the owners responsibility to determine the suitability of this product for your pet. Tags can not be replaced due to your pet chewing on them.

General Data Protection Regulation

Your data will be kept locked away within the salon. All information on technology such as mobile phones and computers, will be safely locked with a password. We do NOT share your details. We will keep your dog's photograph to use it on our social media or for advertising purposes unless you state otherwise.

Terms and Conditions
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